THE LOOP is a cycling-touristic event, which takes place in normal road traffic according to STVO 1960. Participation in THE LOOP is at the own risk of all participants. The organizer and the road authorities do not guarantee, among other things, a suitable condition of the road and are not liable for damages and accidents that should happen to participants of THE LOOP due to the condition of the traveled route and the traffic on it! All participants have to insure themselves with a licensed insurance company for any liability cases that may arise!

Organizer, date & place

THE LOOP is organized by and The Grand Funhog Collective in cooperation with selected partners. The route is located in Europe, starting from Vienna and depending on the planning of each participant will go through various countries within the European Union. Depending on the relevant COVID-19 legal requirements at the time of the event, the association reserves the right to conduct the routing on Austrian soil throughout. THE LOOP will take place from Thursday 6. July to Saturday 8. July 2023 in Vienna.

Conditions of participation

On the part of the organizer no daily insurance is offered with the registration. It is therefore the responsibility of each individual cyclist to carry out the appropriate medical checks of their sporting fitness and to take out personal insurance against damage to themselves and third parties. We will request proof of you insurance on registration. No proof, no ride.

Participation in the event is allowed only to those who are eligible for the event, who have paid the participation fee and have independently selected the appropriate distance for physical fitness. In case of an accident, the participants will be held responsible for the damage caused.
The organizer may decide at any time and at his own discretion, without any obligation to give further reasons, whether or not to accept someone's registration.


THE LOOP Vienna offers three variants: 61 hours, 27 hours and 13 hours.
Each participant has the right to freely choose a route. Participants are obliged to prepare for their route and planning before the event.

Outside Support

No 3rd party support, private lodgings or resupply. All food, drink and equipment must be carried with you or acquired at commercially available services

Riding in groups and drafting

THE LOOP encourages riders to share the experience and ride together. Be aware that while we offer Teams up to 4 riders you will be ranked by arrival at the volunteer desk in the same category as solo riders etc. If you win a price you will need to sort this out within your team. ;)

Drafting is an unfair advantage and will not be allowed under any circumstances. We rely on your honesty, but any reported case will be punished with a DQ.

All forward travel overland must be human powered

That is enough said.

All riders must maintain evidence of their ride

We will be requesting proof of your ride in form of a komoot activity and additional proof for validating your passed challenges. Those might be Pictures, Physical Items, GPX Files, or other forms of proof.


Participants are obliged to equip themselves properly on their own responsibility before the start of the event.

  • Sufficiently strong lamp with enough power capacity
  • Helmet
  • Technical device for GPX track use with sufficient power capacity for the chosen route
  • Suitable clothing according to the season
  • Sufficient liquid and food
  • First aid kit
  • Sufficient tools and spare materials in case of breakdowns such as multitool, spare tube, pick tool, pump, chain lock, brake pads, etc.
  • Cell phone
  • Identity card for crossing borders

Riders must know and observe all local traffic laws

The road is not closed to traffic & other people along the entire routes and all participants, without exception, must comply with the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulations 1960. In particular, other traffic must not be endangered and impeded as little as possible and only the right lane may be used without exception. In addition, special attention is drawn to the prohibition of cutting corners, the right-hand driving regulations, the priority rules as well as traffic light regulations and behavior at traffic circles. All participants must allow pedestrians to cross the road unhindered at all crosswalks according to STVO 1960.

"Leave no trace"

All riders are expected to follow the 7 leave no trace principles.

Maximum time for support

There is a latest time to complete the event at Sunday 20:30 p.m. No medical assistance or cab transportation will be provided by the organizer.

Ride in the spirit of self-reliance and equal opportunity

If it seems an unfair advantage or anyone else cannot take the same advantage it most likely is!

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